18 Hidalgo ISD Educators Receive Teacher Incentive Allotment!

     Educators at Hidalgo Independent School District lead with a purpose. These effective leaders are found inside the four walls of a classroom doing what they do best, instructional leadership by articulating the vision of their campus.
     Eighteen Hidalgo ISD educators were recognized for their hard work and dedication by the Texas Education Agency (TEA), receiving the Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA).
     “We are so proud of everyone who played an important role in this application process, it was a total team effort!” exclaimed Martha E. Garza, Executive Director for Teaching & Learning. “It has been quite a journey but witnessing each teacher as they received their notice and designation was worth all the hard work.”
     The Teacher Incentive Allotment is a program that assigns, rewards, retains, and recruits highly effective teachers in Texas school districts. Educators can receive one of three levels of designation: Recognized, Exemplary, or Master.
     “These designations are valid for five years and allotment can range from $3,000 to $32,000 per year depending on the campus’s rural status and socio-economic need,” explained fifth grade math teacher.
     Additionally, through approved local designation systems, districts can identify and designate outstanding teachers based on student performance growth and classroom observation/evaluation.
     “I am never satisfied, I always strive to do more and be better for my students,” said fifth grade math teacher,” Estefania Parra. “I’m always looking for fun and engaging activities to provide high-quality lessons that will challenge my students.”
     The following top-performing teachers were Nidia Alvarez-Recognized, Petra Anzaldua-Recognized, Edna Castorena-Master, Clarissa Cruz- Recognized, Hugo Frias-Master, Erika Garza- Exemplary, Sandy Garza-Master, Ruth Gomez- Recognized, Alejandra Gutierrez- Exemplary, Isabel Lopez-Recognized, Nancy Marroquin-Recognized, Diana Mendoza- Exemplary, Estefania Parra-Master, Carmen Perales-Exemplary, Angelia Rivera-Recognized, Denise Rodriguez-Recognized, Caroline Tamez-Exemplary, and Daniel Villegas-Recognized,
     “Each teacher has displayed an outstanding performance in their classroom with their students, it’s evident that these teachers go above and beyond each day,” Garza said. “They never stop, they are focused, driven, and skillful in everything they do.”
     The TIA process began three years ago when Hidalgo ISD applied for the TIA Cohort E.
     To be eligible for recognition, the forthcoming participant must be employed as a teacher, working in a full-time teaching position for at least a semester.
     Furthermore, the grade level educators that are eligible to participate are third grade through High School teachers who prepare students for the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) End-Of-Course (EOC) subject areas. The data was collected and submitted this past Fall semester.
     It was a challenging process; however, campus leaders and teachers came together to meet the criteria and requirements for this TIA process.
     “Being designated as TIA master teacher is truly an honor, challenging, but definitely rewarding!” explained Parra. “I’m very grateful to be working at Hidalgo ISD, I feel honored to also work alongside great teachers like Mrs. Edna Castorena and Mrs. Petra Anzaldua, that have set high educational standards and have influenced me and other fellow teachers to be better educators.”