Hidalgo ISD's Leadership Academy Continues to Build Team Members!

     Hidalgo ISD is dedicated to building and aspiring leaders to enhance their leadership competencies as well as developing their leadership potential.
     The district introduced The Building Leaders Academy over nine years ago to aspire and motivate school leaders such as assistant principals, lead teachers, interventionists, vertical vetting team members, reading academy cohort leads in acquiring the knowledge and understanding of the leadership skills needed to effectively lead their team and their campus.
     “The Leadership Academy has given me the opportunity to further enhance my leadership skills,” said Lead Teacher, Edna Castorena. “Through this opportunity I have been able to learn and grow as a teacher and leader of my campus.”
     The Leadership Academy is a curriculum of workshops and experiences designed to cultivate leadership excellence. The workshops help school leaders to connect the academic classroom experience with daily leadership roles and organizational activities.
     “This year the members of the Academy are engaged in a book study-Leading Beyond Intention because the focus is to reinforce the growth mindset of going above and beyond, leading with coaching and accountability,” explained Executive Director of Teaching and Learning, Martha Garza.
     In every campus in Hidalgo ISD, the Building Leaders Academy members play a significant role in leading other teachers. “They lead by either hosting campus Professional Learning Community (PLC), grade level planning sessions, running curriculum nights, library events, and student motivational activities,” added Garza.
     “These individuals are a great support system for our campus principals in elevating the achievement of every student and supporting teachers to supply excellent delivery of instruction.”
     The Academy has provided members with advice on how to become an effective leader by adopting new leadership skills and knowing how to improve them to better assist the students throughout the district.
     “I have been able to bring back and implement new ideas that align to the district’s goals that have in turn helped us develop as a team to better serve our students’ needs and our community,” stated Casterona.
     Hidalgo ISD leaders play a huge role in advocating for the best instruction, best services, and best care of every student on their campus.
     “Everything we do is about the students – every student every day, whatever it takes,” said Garza. “This is what we want our current leaders and aspiring leaders to internalize and what should drive everything they do, our students are our treasure, and each one is unique.”